Action For Humanity is a global charity providing humanitarian assistance and implementing long-term projects across the world.

We run a range of programmes across several thematic sectors including healthcare, education, food security, livelihoods, WASH and orphan and family support.

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Why Join Action For Humanity?

Working at Action For Humanity, you’ll be working alongside experienced and inspirational leaders and visionaries from the Charity sector, as well as young, enthusiastic talent, passionate about development. Your role will be varied, exciting and rewarding. We’re a fast growing charity, and are always looking for new opportunities to expand into new regions and create positive change – so there are plenty of opportunities for professional growth and development.

We have an open office plan, a medium-sized diverse team, and a family culture, where everyone is welcome. With our HQ based in Salford, Greater Manchester, we’re one of the largest charities based in the North, and are eager to keep on growing

Our Culture

Our culture is fast-paced, yet welcoming, collaborative, and compassionate. As a charity concentrating on international development, we’re focused on ensuring our employees have a great experience with us, and are always learning, developing, and gaining a deeper understanding of the programmes we do, and why we do them.

Our teams – Programmes, Marketing & Communications, Fundraising and Donor Care work together to drive the charity forward, with our charitable programmes and ultimately, the people we serve, at the heart of our organisation. Support functions such as Finance, HR and Operations are also crucial to our success.

Our work environment is friendly, open, and transparent – we’re not hierarchical, and junior and senior staff work closely together, aiding in the professional development of all staff.

Our Values

Believe in the cause

We believe in changing a situation from negative to lasting positive; helping those in need; saving and transforming lives for the better is what drives us.

Work together

Teamwork is the backbone of our work’s success.

Give with grit

Being a “gritty” person means perseverance and passion for long-term goals; hence, freely giving with courage, conscientiousness, and resilience; acting with optimism, confidence, and creativity as you strive for excellence.

Make life better

Ultimately, our work is to make life, in its holistic sense, better for everyone, and everything, including the environment.


At Action For Humanity, you’ll be working alongside visionaries and leaders, who have dedicated their lives to driving real and positive change.