Across the globe, families face a freezing winter without access to the support they need.

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Families Face A Freezing Winter

Across the globe, millions of displaced families face a winter without the basics. 

As the temperature plummets, survival becomes a daily struggle. Fragile tents provide little protection from the rain and snow, leaving families in grave danger of freezing to death.

With fuel unaffordable, families are forced to burn unsafe materials to heat their tents, causing a severe risk of respiratory disease. As other basics such as food skyrocket in price, a winter of hunger looms for many.

Without urgent support, families face a winter without food, shelter, warmth and hope. 

From Syria to Pakistan, from Afghanistan to Yemen, we’re on the ground this winter providing life-saving assistance. As well as emergency aid such as food, fuel and blankets, we’re building new homes so that families have a roof over their heads for years to come. 

Winter food pack (Syria, Yemen, Jordan or Afghanistan) - $100  

Winter kit (Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Pakistan and Iraq) - $200

Family home in Syria - $4,200

Don’t let families face another winter without. Support our Winter Emergency Response today.

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Build A Home This Winter

In Syria, 11 years of conflict have created the world's largest displacement crisis. Countless families face a bleak winter without any form of shelter. This winter, we're on the ground building new homes for families displaced by crisis.

By supporting our Build A Home project, you can ensure that displaced families have a safe, secure home that is built for the future. 

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The Impact of Climate Change

Climate change has intensified extreme weather events globally, such as floods, droughts, heavy rains, storms and deviating high and low temperatures, making these occurrences far more frequent and severe.  

Extreme weathers accounted for 9.4% of all deaths globally between 2000 and 2019.  

We focus on helping affected communities strengthen their adaptive capacity to the increasing number of disasters created and heightened by climate change.  

From assisting earthquake survivors in Syria, to building sustainable water wells in Palestine, our work is guided by our central vision: a world of crises-resilient communities. 

Help us support these communities overcome winter.

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