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We are Action For Humanity. We provide aid and assistance to people affected by natural and man-made disasters. As an NGO we are guided by our drive to help others, not profit. When emergencies strike, we act to ensure to save lives and protect the vulnerable. When the emergency is over, we stay and help restore lives.

We were founded in 2011 in the UK by group of doctors whose sole focus was to provide assistance and aid to those devastated by conflict. For over a decade we have built an expertise in responding to humanitarian needs to benefit the most vulnerable people affected by conflict, disasters and extreme poverty.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

"A world of crises resilient communities."


Our Mission

To mobilise and respond to emergencies and critical needs through the Triple Nexus of humanitarian, development and peace-building action in order to empower affected people and communities to survive, recover and build a better future.

Our Values

Believe in the cause

We believe in changing a situation from negative to lasting positive; helping those in need; saving and transforming lives for the better is what drives us.

Work together

Teamwork is the backbone of our work’s success.

Give with grit

Being a “gritty” person means perseverance and passion for long-term goals; hence, freely giving with courage, conscientiousness, and resilience; acting with optimism, confidence, and creativity as you strive for excellence.

Make life better

Ultimately, our work is to make life, in its holistic sense, better for everyone, and everything, including the environment.


When emergencies strike, we act and mobilise. We respond immediately to ensure the most vulnerable are protected, their basic needs are met, and lives are saved.
Our work is driven by immediate response and effective delivery, but we stay long after a disaster to help restore lives.

Where We Work

Action For Humanity is a global charity working to provide humanitarian and development assistance to the most vulnerable populations affected by disasters, conflicts and extreme poverty. Our vision is to be the leading charity combining humanitarian and development approaches in assisting affected people and marginalised communities in fragile contexts and crisis worldwide.

Over the last 10 years, Action For Humanity has provided aid to over 10 million people in need. The charity has been a leading member of the INGO community and has implemented humanitarian and development projects. From building homes in Syria, to feeding families in Yemen, from delivering babies in Iraq to helping the homeless in the UK, from delivering water to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh to responding to emergencies in Palestine, your donations are making a global difference.

Thanks to you, we help four people every minute. Whether it’s your Zakat or your Sadaqah,–if you donate to us, we will put your donations into action


Donate to Action For Humanity and turn your generosity into immediate lifesaving and life-changing aid.