As of 31st October 2023, over 8,500 Palestinian lives, primarily innocent women and children, have been tragically lost in the recent escalation of violence in Gaza. Thousands more civilians endure life- threatening injuries; the toll is predicted to escalate as the onslaught of airstrikes continue. The situation is deteriorating at an alarming pace, with children bearing the heaviest burden of this devastation. 

One of our staff members, Saed, who resides in Gaza, shared the following account with us:

"I witnessed five wars on Gaza since 2008. The previous wars are nothing compared to this one. There is no safe place in Gaza. Even the ambulances were targeted. Hospitals are being targeted. About 400,000 out of 2.2million Gazans fled their homes and took to schools as a refuge. Even some schools were targeted. No electricity for 6 days. No water for most of Gazans. The telecommunication infrastructure has collapsed. My kids and I sleep in one room so if my house is targeted we die together. The shelling is about 200m away from my house. I saw bodies, injuries, horrified kids and women. Gaza is now a place of death and horror".

Your donation today is essential for delivering critical emergency aid, life-saving sustenance, and urgent medical care to those in desperate need. Your contribution, regardless of the amount, will make a meaningful impact on the lives of people in Gaza.


Action for Humanity is one of the few registered humanitarian organizations operating in the occupied Palestinian territories without facing sanctions from any internal entity. Action for Humanity has bank accounts and operates without complications. The organisation has a team within Gaza that implements projects directly and coordinates with governmental bodies such as the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Development.

The shipment of medical relief materials have been purchased and delivered to the Ministry of Health. Action for Humanity will continue to purchase and deliver medical relief materials to medical institutions facing severe shortages.


Support families in Palestine

CTV Interview with Action For Humanity Canada CEO

CTV Interview with Rania Lawendy Oct 24th 2023

CBC Interview with Action For Humanity Canada CEO

CBC Interview with Rania Lawendy Oct 24th 2023

CTV Interview with Action For Humanity Canada CEO

CTV Interview with Rania Lawendy Oct 28th 2023

Press Conference (Ottawa)

Press Conference at the Parliament in Ottawa with Rania Lawendy Oct 26th 2023

AFH Response

Despite facing significant distribution challenges, we've successfully provided food vouchers and emergency kits to over 600 families in Gaza since the crisis began. We have also been supplying hospitals with vital medical resources.

In tandem with our emergency relief endeavours, our long-term projects in the region, including our photovoltaic solar system installed in 2022, continue to operate.

Our 2022-installed photovoltaic solar system is currently powering one of the few water systems ensuring uninterrupted access to safe water in Gaza. This system serves approximately 12,000 people. Access to clean water has been a longstanding critical issue in Palestine, and these solar-powered water solutions, requiring no electricity and relying solely on sunlight, are making a positive impact in the region.